Marsala D.O.C. Riserva 2000

Excellent with desserts hard cheese, preserves, almond paste. Wine for robust meat or fish dinners or as an aperitif.
Golden yellow with bright reflections; complex aroma of vanilla, honey and toasted almonds. The taste is dry, warm and velvety.
Excellent meditation wine.

  • Additional Info

    PRODUCTION ZONE: Western Sicily

    TERRENO: Calcareous Marl

    GRAPES: Grillo, Catarratto, Inzolia

    CULTIVATIONS: vineyards are cultivated as “alberello” type, on a low-yield per hectare

    CLIMATE: mild winter, dry spring and dry summer

    HARVEST: hands-on; when the grapes are fully ripe

    VINIFICATION TECNIQUES: Slavonia con metodo Soleras picked from the bunchs, aged in Slavonian oak barrels with Soleras method


    SERVING TEMPERATURE: Chilled or natural temperature (6 – 7° C)

    STORAGE: ying down bottle in cool 15° C and dry place

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