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An explosion of flavors


Baglio Oneto dei Principi di San Lorenzo

Our restaurant in Marsala opens up a world of unexplored tastes, the perfect combination of tradition and culinary excellence. Dine with us for an ongoing discovery in flavor, a renaissance for all the senses. For an all-around Sicilian experience, you can dine at our resort's restaurant in a variety of spaces, intimate and refined, from romantic to idyllic.

Terrace of Venus

In summer you can lunch on the panoramic Terrace of Venus overlooking the sea, the islands, and the famous Mount Erice where the Castle of Venus rises.

Incomparable Elegance

For dinner you are welcomed to the historic courtyard garden of tall trees, flowering and ornamental plants. An old Arab well is topped by a high pyramid, an initiatory symbol and a perfect meridian that marks time from dawn to sunset. This is the heart of the old baglio, best enjoyed in the evening for an intimate and romantic end to the day.

Tasty smells from ancient kitchens  

The restaurant interiors have gabled ceilings with wooden beams and local limestone doorways. This was the real heart, or hearth, of the estate, holding the ovens that produced the bread and pasta.

Mediterranean genius

In our kitchens, we jealously guard the family recipes, the authentic dishes of our grandmothers, the pearls of tradition that derive from the uniquely Mediterranean cultural melting pot which were linked by ancient sea routes that saw Sicily at the center of the Mediterranean long before the Atlantic was crossed. At our restaurant, you can enjoy Italian cuisine, classic Sicilian and Mediterranean dishes, which in themselves embody the concept at the origin of the gourmet movement: a cuisine that can be at once authentic and still satisfy the taste buds. The aromatic herbs that grow at the Baglio lend the restaurant's dishes the ancient flavors of Sicilian tradition.

Treasures of land and sea

Many of the dishes on our restaurant's menu are part of the Mediterranean diet, which was recognized in 2010 by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity.

The area offers culinary treasures like the blue Egadi fish,  famous red prawns of Mazara del Vallo, Favignana’s red tuna, salt from Marsala, cheeses like vastedda del Belice, tuma and pecorino, Nocellara del Belice olives, Nubian garlic ... we turn them all into a unique experience.

The aromatic herbs picked at the Baglio will tickle your senses: bay leaves, rosemary, sage, mint, pink pepper. From the land to your table.

A careful, daily selection of the best ingredients means we’re at the forefront in organic and sustainable food.

Morning's sweet symphony

Your morning wake-up at Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort is like no other: the continental breakfast and Sicilian specialties, the first sun that greets your eyes, the scent of pure nature, and the sounds of sweet sparrows. Cereals, seeds, and dried fruits mix well with organic yogurt and cheeses, and cured meats and delicious tuna accompany savory croissants. A snapshot of bucolic beauty and a riot of colors – this is what greets you at breakfast in our historic courtyard garden.

Gluten free gourmet

Our restaurant has plenty to offer guests who are celiac. At breakfast there is a variety of pre-made sweet and savory products, and for lunch and dinner the chef can create delicious dishes on the spot.

Baglio Oneto is officially certified by the AIC (Italian Celiac Association)

Info & Hours

The restaurant of the Baglio Oneto Principi di San Lorenzo resort is open to residents and non-residents from 12:30pm to 4pm and from 7:30pm to 10:30pm, offering an à la carte menu, flambè menu, a menu with wine pairings for each course, and a classic menu. The wine cellar offers a varied list, including our own estate wines. Breakfast is served each morning between 7:30am and 10am in the historic courtyard garden or inside.


The restaurant areas are beautiful and all meals are delicious. From breakfast to dinner.


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